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This is the home shell for Mr. Westrum's English classes at Bemidji high school.  Through the pages below you can access our itineraries, assignments, and any related media/links meant to further the class.  Nearly all links are google documents - you do not need an account to access.


I highly recommend you all make a habit of looking at this site regularly.  If you miss a day, I still expect to see your work!


If you need me, you can contact me here.  You can also keep in touch via twitter - @jacobwestrum.


Short Story Terminology (Word Doc)

story definitions (1).docx   - these definitions are updated to include all terms covered in our short story unit.

Quote Sandwich intros


Quote Sandwich Breakdown - the pieces, definitions, and examples.



College Writing


Film Studies


Contemporary Literature


American Literature


English 09


Pre-AP English 09


English 10




Fall 2014 Contemporary Literature


Fall 2014 College Writing


Fall 2014 Introduction to Drama



Spring 2014:


College Writing Spring 2014


Spring 2014 English 09 


Spring 2014 English 10


Double Entry Journals


Purdue OWL


Tragedy Definitions






Shakespeare Essay Structure




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