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World Lit Assignments

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10/31 - the powerpoint from class - this is the full list of requirements for your final project.


10/24 - your choice novel has a "final" component, an essay which can be found here.


10/19 - you have THREE tasks this weekend

     --- Finish the Aeneid selection and complete the "reader response prompt", recording it into your journal

          --- also do 1-2 as well as choosing ONE between 3-6 -- i expect an essay-format on your choice.

    ---You will also be 3/4 done with your choice novel by Monday

     --- And, on your websites (Hero project), it's time to come up with ONE genre for your multigenre project.  make a poem, find a picture, tell a story...something that tells me what your hero is all about.

          --- if you haven't given me a URL for your site, i need it now!


10/18 - Star Trek Storytelling

          - We finish adaptation project presentations (Cyrano) today.  There will be no more time in class for this!

          - The full prompt on the personal narrative portion of Cyrano project

          - Aeneid and Roman History


10/17 - Gilgamesh completion - Tomorrow will be The Aeneid!

          - Students are reminded that they'll need to do at least one of their five required genres on their multi-genre project by next Monday (10/21)


10/14 - Computer Lab for Heroism beginnings - students are expected to have a home shell for their project.


10/10 - Final Project; Heroism


09/23 - project cyrano world lit


09/20 - Visual Analysis - Frankenstein.


09/12: Powerpoint Assignment




read through chapter 7 (pg 46) - quiz 09/15, and I'll collect journals then.




Read Chapters 2-3 - take notes (IN YOUR JOURNALS) regarding character motivations and dialogue, as well as two questions/comments/concerns for class clarification.  Pay special attention to possible themes, ideas, and symbolism.


A note - There WILL be a quiz on chapters 1-7 next week, so make sure your notes are solid and you know what's happening.


Also, for the week of 09/12 - we will begin work on our definition essays - literally, you will be defining yourself.  See thisibelieve.com for more info leading into this.  Be ready to work in the computer labs on this!

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