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English 10 Assignments

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12/06 - Discussion resumes.  Students are expected to have a new catch: a peer will be leading discussion. 


12/02/12/05 - Silent Reading.  this is a catch-up day, discussion will resume on 12/06.  Students are expected to be completed with chapter 9 and ready with discussion questions!!


12/01 - Handout: Memoir writing.


11/21-12/09 - Reading: While the Locust Slept.  Generally, this will be a one-chapter-per-day breakdown, with student assignments revolving around generating discussion questions as well as the per-chapter summaries.  The caveat: the weekend of 12/02-12/04 will be devoted to reading chapters 7-9 (chapter 6 is due Friday in class), with the summaries for 7-9 due by the end of class Monday (12/05).


11/21 - Begin Reading, Discussion: While the Locust Slept

     - With each chapter, ALL students are required to turn in, with every chapter, a one-paragraph summary of events.  This summary MUST follow this standard formula:

     - The characters

     - The plot

          - Three events of Rising Action/complication of the central problem

     - A 1-2 sentence statement on how it fits into what was read before

     - A 1-2 sentence statement on predictions for the rest of the novel

     - One quotation: the sentence in the chapter that hits you the most.  Consider your growing understanding of Razor's childhood and how this sentence reveals him, or consider a personal connection: how his struggle identifies with a struggle you've faced in your own life.


A note on these summaries: They are worth 20 points EACH.  I will not accept anything with one-word answers.  Should a large portion of the class neglect these summary-writing activities, we will move to a per-chapter quiz format.  Students should shoot for approximately 1/2 page per response.


11/14-11/18 - A note: this week's set of classes all follow a standard formula: presentations, and then project work time.  These projects are due on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 21, NO EXCEPTIONS.


11/18: Presentations: Tyler S, Josh, Ryan H, Brady


11/17: Presentations: Troy, Aaron H, Darien, DJ, Nikole, Brandon


11/16: Presentations: Ryan B, Noah/Evan, Ben, Zach


11/15: Presentations: Tim, Mariah, Tyler H, Dylan, Ronnie


11/14: Presentations: Levi, Savanna, Matt, Natalie

     - In class lecture: non-fiction and memoirs


11/11: Presentations: Jaramie and Gunnar.  For a full break-down on what I'll be grading your book talks on, go here.


11/8: Those who haven't finished are completing their short story unit exams.  All other students are expected to work towards their choice novel projects!  The next week, in class (see the calendar for more details) are being geared ENTIRELY towards this.  You can view the assignment sheet here as a word document.


11/7: Short Story Final


Short Story Unit: 10/21-11/7: Rather than provide you a detailed daily list on what you're responsible for, I'll give you a basic run to follow.  We will be reading six stories:

     1. There Will Come Soft Rains (Setting)

     2. Luck (Character)

     3. Masque of the Red Death (Plot)

     4. The Monkey's Paw (Plot/Setting)

     5. Through the Tunnel (Conflict)

     6. Two Friends (Theme)


With each story, we will be working on the basic ideas of story structure, and these ideas are the vocabulary for the unit.  They are:

     1. Character - the different types of characters are most important!

          A. Dynamic

          B. Static

          C. Round

          D. Flat

     2. Plot (and all the temporal/physical pieces within!)

          A. Introduction/Exposition

          B. Rising Action

          C. Climax

          D. Falling Action

          E. Resolution

     3. Setting

     4. Point of View

          A. Internal - man vs. self

          B. External - man vs. man, man vs. society, man vs. nature

     5. Theme


Each story will work with all of these elements, with each story focusing on one, building off of the previous lessons.  Each story requires you to answer the attached question.  We have a great textbook I'm pulling these stories from, and as part of our discussion, you are required to answer the accompanying questions I provide.  Additionally, each story is attached to one of the story ideas.  You will be responsible for identifying, in detail, the aspect of this idea in its attached story. For example, In "Luck", you are responsible for looking, in detail, at the use of characterization.


10/18 - A recap of classroom environment rules.

          - Beginnings of short stories: Setting.


10/17 - Media Center - Choice Novel

          - Exams Returned



10/14 - Exam Book 3


10/10 - Exam: Book 3 is this Friday in class.  It will be 30 multiple choice/vocabulary and one essay.  The essay can be found here and is due with the exam on Friday.


09/30 - Exam - Book 2 today and monday in class.  It will be 50 multiple choice/true-false and one 15-point essay.


09/20 - Book 2, chapters 2-3 are due tomorrow, with the accompanying study guide - study guides for 1984 chapters will be due every day unless stated otherwise in class.


09/19 - if you're keeping track: you should be on Book 2, chapter 1.  A study guide was handed out, and is due in class on the 20th.


09/15 - Persuasive essay (term project)


09/12 - Powerpoint Assignment


09/08 -

     For 09/09, read through page 7 in 1984.  Take notes (in your journals) of grammar/words to add to our word bank as well as writing two questions for class discussion.


     A note - there WILL be a quiz next week on the readings (including concept/theme questions and grammar) so take careful notes!


Also, for the week of 09/12 - we will begin work on artistic projects based on themes, ideas, and grammar found in 1984.  Be prepared to work online next week (in class).


In addition, we will begin looking at our first essay assignment, an exploration of the right to privacy.  More details will be available on the assignment sheet next week.

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