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English 9 Assignments

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11/17 - In class reading: chapters 24/25 - ALL students are expected to have their study guides through chapter 25 (part 5) completed on this day. 


11/15 - The colors of the flag artistic project

          - Begin Part 5


11/14 - Review Part 4

          - Quiz Part 4

          - Short Essay Part 4 Due

          - Lab - Pirate Research


Week of 11/8 - This was a week of review of part three, as we continue reading part 4.


11/8 - Quiz: Part 3

     - Short Essay, Part 2 due.


11/4 - Part 3 - Discussion: Chapter 14


11/3 - Begin Part 3.  Discussion: chapter 13


11/2 - Lab: Pirate Research


11/1 - Quiz: Part 2.  Lab: pirate research


10/31 - Due: Study Guide for Part 2


10/26 - Finish Part 1, TI


10/24 - Treasure Island Chapter 1


10/19 - Mac Lab - podcast audios due at the end of the hour.

          - Figurative Language Quiz 2


10/18 - Sonnet work - using rhyme

          - assignment for Monday - create a plan - what will you be researching for your final draft (research paper)!?!?

          - Mac Lab - creation of a book report (audio)


10/17 - Audio Report - Book Club Choice Novel

          - Research Papers and figurative language quiz 1 returned.


10/14 - Sonnet 30 - students wrote a one-paragraph summary using the line-by-line summaries composed in class.

     - For monday: students will  use this sonnet-format to compose their music-based poems.

     - students also received a poetry packet: their task is to read ONE poem and answer questions 2-3 on it.

     - Reminder: bring choice novels to class on Monday!


10/12 - Figurative language quiz - be ready for another one next week, utilizing not only our current vocabulary, but also the new vocabulary we learn throughout the week!  These are:








The new ones are:


     Iambic Pentameter






10/12 - Your new research paper!


9/29 - poetry book contents


09/12 - Powerpoint Assignment.


DUE BY FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 9TH - Your internet access forms MUST BE IN BY THIS DATE.  If they are not, you will be in severe danger of NOT PASSING before you've even begun!


Also due by Friday - your syllabus consent forms (with parent signatures).


09/08 - Read "the most dangerous game" and BE READY FOR YOUR QUIZ ON 09/09!


09/09 - Read "the necklace" and be ready for your quiz on Monday (09/12).


for the week of September 12th - we will begin working on our research paper, as well as our artistic projects based on literary terms.  Be ready and willing to work online!

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