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Your new research paper!

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The (New) Research paper!


To all:


You’ve been doing WONDERFULLY with the research process, and I want to continue it.  However, in the interest of time (and doing some really entertaining reading soon!) I am going to cut short this project. 


We will still be doing a second draft, and what follows is my series of requirements for it.  However, you are NO LONGER required to do three drafts, and your page length will be much shorter.


Your final draft will be due October 31st, and will be 2-3 pages in length.  You are still responsible for a works cited page, in MLA format (again, in the interest of time), and we will continue working with this over the next few weeks as we re-write and research.


The first draft, given to me on Monday, was a narrative based around your interview.  Your next draft will still continue to follow this format.  As we continue to move forward, we’re going to begin filling in blanks, learning more about our subjects.  As we need to, you may do a second interview.


To repeat:


Only two drafts, one of which you gave me already.

-       this final draft is due October 31st.


2-3 pages in length


MLA-formatted works cited page


4-5 sources (your interview counts as a source)

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