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book talk grading

Page history last edited by west0524 9 years ago

1.  Title, author, and publication date of the book - 5 points


2.  A general statement about the novel that tells us who the protagonist and antagonist are, the genre of the book, and the journey the protagonist goes through - 5 points


3.  A book summary in which you lay out the central conflicts, important events in the book that lead to the conflicts' resolutions, and how things end up - 15 points


4.  A recommendation to the audience.  What was the reading level of the book for you, did the novel keep your interest, were the characters believable, and in what circumstances would you recommend the novel? - 10 points


5.  "Choice": provide background information on the author and how this novel fits into her/his writing

             : read a short (2-3 paragraph) passage from the novel.  This needs to be a significant moment in the book highlighting characterization, a significant story point, illuminate what you see as the central theme, foreshadows something exciting, or is a great representation of the author's style.

             : Identify a broad, universal theme in the novel.  These needs to be a statement on humanity, society, or some "big truth" within all of that, complete with three reasons the novel points to this theme

     - 10 points


6.  Style: You give a good presentation!  You're not reading from a cue card, you're piquing interest from the audience with what you have to say, and you segue from one topic to another without any "um's", "ah's" or "like's" - 15 points



This is a total of 60 points.

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