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english 10 syllabus

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engl 10 syllabus .docx


English 10, Terms 3&4 2012


Jake Westrum


Room 2204




e-mail: Jacob_westrum@bemidji.k12.mn.us


English 10 Expectations


It is my responsibility to prepare you not only for your GRAD test in April, but also to prepare your abilities in English to work in the 21st century.  What this means is that I expect you, every day, to have read the required material, keep current on the website’s activity, and be ready to write and share your opinions, as well as to understand the opinions of others.


I expect you to read all that is assigned, but I also expect that you critically engage it.  This means that I want you to examine what you do or do not like, and be prepared to defend your position in an open forum.  Your opinion matters, and this class is your first step towards learning to express it!




In addition to the readings assigned (provided), I expect you to have, each day, writing utensils, a personal notebook for notes, and a notebook set aside for journaling.


In addition, this course will be organized and administered through the following webpage:




Note that there is NO period between Mr. and Westrum – it’s all one word.  The site will be regularly updated to reflect our calendar, daily notes, links, and assignments.


It is YOUR responsibility as a conscientious adult, a member of this classroom community, to regularly check this website.  I will, in class, regularly steer your eyes towards various pieces of it, but it’s up to you to use the site as an organizational tool. 


In the end, the website is a great way to cut off the normal excuses (“I forgot”, “I didn’t hear you say that”) before they start.


Another great way to stop these excuses is our calendar.  Each month has a calendar, which is the reading schedule and lists due dates for major assignments.


Lastly: I know we live in an area where internet access is not necessarily everywhere.  Outside of school, it can be rough to get online.  With that in mind, be aware that BHS is equipped with a wonderful media center filled with reliable, net-capable computers.  You can check them before, during, or after school.


With all of this in mind, if you know you’re going to be gone, you can look at our five-day agenda (on the calendar), check the website, and talk to me before or after class. 




This class requires your presence in order to function.  Your point of view and abilities are a VITAL part of this class.  In the event of an excused absence, I will give you two days to make up work, as per BHS policy.  With this in mind, you need to remember that these things are available online, and you can always, if in doubt, ask me via e-mail.  It’s your responsibility to hand in late work, since I won’t be tracking you down and asking for it.


This works just like organization: it’s your responsibility to take ownership for your work, which means you need to be looking it up online and seeking my help as needed.


For more information on our school’s attendance policy, please refer to the student handbook.




This class hinges around one central idea: you are adults.  Mentally, you have hit a great milestone in life.  Congratulations!!


You deserve the respect of your peers and teachers, and you will have that.  The flip side to this is that you must reciprocate this respect.  My every classroom rule, much like BHS policy, depends upon that one idea: respect.  Respect for yourself, respect for your peers, and respect for your teachers.


I also expect you to strive to take risks.  We’re dealing with a strange subject, and there are no right answers.  It’s up to you to find what’s odd in whatever story we’re in the midst of and express it in class.  Be respectful, be honest, and take risks.


In terms of classroom management, the steps are as follows:




1 – Verbal warning

2 – private discussion

3 – removal from the classroom


Each situation is different, and I may adhere or skip steps as needed by the severity of circumstances. 


With all of this in mind, you MUST remember that safety and security is of primary importance for learning and intellectual thought to take place.   My classroom is a safe place for you to express yourself and learn, and I will NOT tolerate any behavior or language that may threaten to compromise any students’ sense of safety or security.  Unacceptable behaviors include:


-       Verbal remarks targeted at and/or disparaging another student’s sexuality, culture, spiritual beliefs, etc.  This is hate speech, and will not be tolerated under any form.

-       Verbal bullying and/or violence

-       Physical bullying and/or violence


Plagiarism and cheating will not be tolerated.  The core to the curriculum is your opinion, supported, as the foundation for your work.  Taking another writer’s ideas as your own defies this goal. 




I became a teacher because I love writing, reading, and talking about literature and film.  This is my passion and my job, and it can be, if you give it a chance, something for you to enjoy as well.  In order to really learn to love this stuff, you have to put yourself out there, mentally, and really take risks with the thinking and work we do in class.  Be ready to push yourself to become part of the discussions.  You owe it to yourself, and everyone around you, to really push against the materials we see in class and learn to understand them in new ways.



English 10


My signature confirms that I have carefully read and understand this syllabus and all information contained herein.





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