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fall 12 wrld checklist

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By the end of the term - you will have 14 pages within your "shell" (that is, your wiki) which seek to answer: what are your ideas on what a hero and a villain is in our modern world?  Each page needs to correspond to a quality you find to be important to understanding this definition.  While there are weekly check-ins and a general understanding that you'll want to put up three pages a week, the real points come in at the end - it is worth 400 points (a large portion of your final grade).


The genres are whatever you want them to be.  Create a page for a quality you're looking at, and on that new page, put up something which ILLUSTRATES that quality to you.   This page needs to be linked to the front page. I encourage you to be as creative/abstract as you wish.


The justification paragraphs are a little more specific.  On your front page, you need your genre-pages linked, and with each quality, i want a paragraph which explains to me exactly what about this genre screams the quality to you.  When you're writing it, look to answer these questions:


1.  Why is this genre so much better at displaying the quality you're looking at than another choice?  Why choose a film instead of a short story, for example?


2.  What specifically about the genre you chose scream that quality out?  If you're using a photo gallery, for example, what's that common thread that ties all of your photos together?  If you're choosing a video clip, what drew you to this one?

               Be specific!!!  If it's a song, quote and analyze the applicable lyrics.  Movie?  Find the moments which scream that quality for you!


3.  Why is this specific heroic quality so important to you instead of some other quality you didn't include on your project?  What TYPE of this quality do you see as most important?

      - for example, "strength" is great and all, but there are many types of strength.  if you use strength as a quality, what TYPE of strength are you looking at, and why not others? 


4.  How does this quality, and this genre, fit into your greater definition of villainy/heroism?



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