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spr 2013 SFF schedule (redirected from spr 2012 SFF schedule)

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Week Ten:



Due Today 

Goal For Today 


reading: return of the king

 - all

Study guide: return of the king

bk 6 

English Lab - MLA citations and your project

- a note: each group will have an account for MY website.

Follow my instructions (in class) carefully for submitting

your powerpoint onto my site. 


MLA citations and your project


Sign up: final project presentations



Essay prompt: In what way is Frodo the hero

of Lord of the Rings, based on Tolkien's message?

  - as you consider this question, remember: his role

in "the scouring of the shire" is especially telling.  Tolkien

sees his acts as the MOST heroic of all! 




who is the hero, based on the events of the scouring of the 

shire?  Merry, Pippen, Frodo, or Sam?


This essay will be due at 1.40 on Wednesday.  You will 

have time to write this tomorrow if you choose to use it.

 - a note: this WILL be a standard 5-paragraph essay.  This

means I want a thesis, I want cited pages and specific

details supporting your reasons, and I want a conclusion.

you are WELCOME to work together in preparing for this

essay, but you will each be writing your own. 




work time: essay

 - this essay is due tomorrow 


Lab time (as needed) - project completion

4/3  LOTR essay 

Test: Book 6 


presentation 1 - humans




presentations 2-3


Viewing  - orcs, humans


Presentations 4-5


Viewing - hobbits, dwarves


writing prompt: what role did you play in your final






Week Nine:



Due Today 

Goal For Today 

3/18  ch 7-10 

Discussion: book 5 (return of the king)


Hw: ch 1-2 (tower of cirith ungol/land of shadow) 

3/19  ch. 1-2 



Engl Lab: final project 


Hw: ch. 3 (Mount Doom)

3/20  ch. 3 



Engl Lab: final project 


HW: ch. 4-5 (Fields of Cormallen/Steward and the King)

3/21  ch. 4-5 



Engl Lab: final project 


HW: ch. 6 (Many Partings)

3/22  ch. 6 



When you return you will have FINISHED the novel.  This means that

your homework will be chapters 7-9 - "Homeward Bound", "The 

Scouring of the Shire", and "The Gray Havens"


Note: You will be presenting your projects when you come back, on





Week Eight:



Due Today 

Goal For Today 

3/11  bk 5 - ch 1-2 

discussion: intro of return of the king


engl lab - sff final 

- your top priority: initial research.  you don't need to worry about

making proper, pretty citations yet.  but get a handle on the information

available - make sure to bookmark any pages you find, and get an idea on

what your fifth presentation topic might be.


HW: ch. 3 the muster of rohan - 791-805

3/12  ch 3 

discussion - what is "human"; the viewings so far and what they might mean 


viewing: lord of the rings


HW: ch. 4 the siege of gondor - 806-829

3/13  ch. 4 

engl lab - sff final 


HW:  (ch 5 - the ride of the rohirrem 830-838)

3/14  ch. 5 

viewing: lord of the rings 


HW: ch. 6 - battle of pelennor fields - 839-849

3/15  ch. 6 

 mac lab - sff final


HW: ch. 7-10 - pyre of denethor, the houses of healing, the last debate,

and the black gate opens

  - pps. 850-893 





Week Seven:



Due Today 

Goal For Today 

3/4  ch 3-6, book 4 

book 4 discussion


Group Essay: Smeagol

   - is Smeagol damned from the start, or was he pushed

there?  Focus on the three primary characters he interacts with -

Frodo, Samwise, and Faramir - and tell me: was he ever going to

REALLY help them, or was he biding his time?

     - this will, again, be a full 5 part essay, and is due TOMORROW

at 1.40.


HW: chapter 7 (journey to the cross-roads, pps 694-702) 


cross-roads reading

 - 694-702 

in-class read: the stairs of cirith ungol (ch. 8, pps. 703-716)


HW: chapter 9 - shelob's lair - pps. 717-727


shelob's lair

 - 717-727 

Viewing: Two Towers


HW: the choices of master samwise (ch. 10; pps. 728-742) 


ch. 10 - 728-742 


Book 4 study guide

QUIZ - the two towers 


Handout - Return of the king (book 5) study guide


Alternative life forms viewing


HW: Minas Tirith/Passing of the Grey

Company (ch. 1-2, bk. 5; pps. 747-790)

  - a note - minas tirith is a chunkier read.  as a result, we're putting

that off, and chapters 1-2 are your homework for MONDAY 


Finish Alt. Life Forms viewing


Mac Lab - Final Project 





Week Six:



Due Today 

Goal For Today 


reading: book 3 through

chapter 9 (flotsam and jetsam) 

DISCUSSION: cyborgs and alternative life forms;

the scouring of isengard, the men of rohan.


Begin viewing: The Two Towers


HW: chapters 10-11 (book 3) pps. 576-600

   - tomorrow will be a quiz on book 3. 


ch. 10-11 (bk 3) 


bk. 3 study guide

Quiz - book 3


Discussion: the palantir


Begin reading, book 4 (the taming of smeagol) 

 - hand out study guide: book 4


HW: chapter 2 (the passage of the marshes - pps.





HW: chapters 3-6 (pps 636-694)

 - Monday will revolve around the character of Faramir,

the characterization of Smeagol, as well as the introduction

to alternate realities 

2/28    no school 
3/1    no school 





Week Five: 



Due Today 

Goal For Today 

2/18    no school 

Reading: Two towers (Bk 3)

chapters 1-2 


Ring Essays


Finish Fellowship


Viewing: Cyborgs (part 2)


Discussion: the role of BAD robots so far

                 : the death of Boromir and the

introduction to Rohan


HW: ch 3  

2/20  Bk 3, ch 3 

In Class Read: Treebeard (ch4)

 - a contemplation of how wonderful it is to be


   - in all seriousness - treebeard is a wonderful character.

while we read, we're going to examine who he is, how tolkien

portrays him, and how treebeard goes from being purely

"boring" to something we actually ENJOY!  We'll be examining

elements of direct/indirect characterization as well as the

(continuing) symbolism of nature. 


HW - I expect you to be on chapter 5 tomorrow!

2/21  Bk. 3, ch 5 

Discussion: the return of Gandalf (The White Rider)

 - religious imagery/symbolism


Viewing: Cyborgs (part 3)


HW: ch 6 (the king of the golden  hall) 

2/22  bk. 3, ch 6 

HW: ch 7-9 (helms deep, the road to isengard, flotsam and



a note: Monday night's read will be to finish book 3 - this 

will be chapters 10-11, pps. 576-600.  Tuesday will have

a quiz on Book 3.





Week Four:


A note: Due to school being closed (AGAIN!?) on Monday, 2/11, everything you see below is pushed down one day.  We will still work with this schedule, but Friday's schedule will become Monday's.



Due Today 

Goal For Today 


Reading: Book 2 through

chapter 5

 - you SHOULD be on pg.


Discussion: Bill the Pony; Gandalf's failing power (?);

the introduction of the full fellowship; the nature of

sacrifice; symbolism within staff-breaking (331); 

changes in atmosphere.


Update on notes: qualities of the races... 


Beginning: the next step in science fiction...

 - we've covered alien races and the ideas of space

combat.  As we continue into our viewings, it's

time to look at the ideas and fears presented

throughout science-fiction.

  - Introduction: androids, robots, and cyborgs. 


HW: Reading: ch. 6 - pps. 333-352

  - tomorrow we will examine the underlying conflict

between dwarves/elves, and what they represent

in real life. 

2/12  Reading: Bk. 2, Ch. 6 

Continue: Androids, robots, cyborgs 


Discussion: elves and dwarves; the danger of the 

ring; the nature of Boromir...


HW: Reading: ch. 7-8 - pps. 353-379 

2/13  reading: bk. 2, ch 7-8 

Catch-up - the study guides, questions/answers

on plot events.


Continue: Androids, robots, cyborgs 


HW: Reading: ch. 9 - pps. 380-394

2/14  reading: bk 2., ch. 9  

Reading: chapter 10 (pps. 395-407)


Viewing: Fellowship of the Ring


  - discussion based upon

the end of the fellowship, rising action and going

deeper into the dark realms, and the introduction

to your "who are you?" essay. 


HW: Chapter 1 (The Two Towers) - pps. 413-420

2/15  reading: bk. 3, ch. 1 

Work Time: "Who Are You?"

 - Assignment: "Your Ring"


Viewing: Fellowship of the Ring 


HW: chapter 2

   - pps. 421-443

      - a note: chapter 2 is the introduction to Rohan,

a chapter filled with a lot of great information, but

it's also a bit dense, filled with exposition.  Read






Week Three:


Date  Due Today  Goal For Today 

LOTR - Reading through

chapter  9

Discussion:  LOTR through chapter 9 (the introduction

of nature, bombadil, leading into Aragorn); discussion on

space combat - thematic interpretations of "star trek"


This discussion will focus on: Humans in Fantasy; the

continuing role of nature; the real power of the ring (novel

vs. film); the naivete of hobbits

  - how does strider ensure success, and what does tolkien

intend him to SYMBOLIZE? 


HW - 163-175 (ch 10) 

02/05  ch 10 

SSR - chapters 11-12

 - there will be a discussion/quiz tomorrow on book 1 of

Lord of the Rings, as well as the introduction to our first


02/06  ch 11-12 

Quiz - Fellowship Book 1

 - Intro: Ring Essay

 - In class group essay - characters and traits

     - Pippen

     - Merry

     - Frodo

     - Samwise

     - Strider/Aragorn

     - Gandalf


HW - Book 2, chapter1 - 219-238 

02/07  ch. 1 (bk 2) 



HW - ch 2 - 239-271 

02/08  ch. 2 (bk 2) 

ch 3-5 - pgs. 272-332

 - Monday's discussion is going to focus heavily on the loss

of gandalf, hints of corruption, and differences between novel

and film 





Week Two:


Due to our two-hour late start, there is a slight modification:


HW for Tuesday (due wednesday):

  - Look carefully at Tolkien's descriptions of setting in ch. 3-5 - choose ONE specific instance and tell me, how does the SETTING influence the PLOT?

      - this is semi-opinion based.  You need to look carefully at tolkien's use of descriptive language (how he describes the setting around the characters) and tell me what it does for you.  Does the story click along, thanks to wonderful imagery?  Or does it drag because everything just stops?

           - I'm looking for approximately 1/2 page, and it's due when you walk in.


Date  due today  goal for today 
01/28  LOTR - chapters 1-2 

Discussion: characterization and Hobbit traits 

   - this will be our first real guided discussion.  Students

are expected to bring a few pieces to the table on this, and you

WILL be graded on it.


HW - chapter 3: "three is company" (pps. 65-85)

01/29  LOTR - chapter 3 

HW - chapters 4-5 (pps. 86-108) 


Discussion: The beginnings of a journey, characterizations

of Merry/Pippen - the growing threat

   - comparisons between book/film (begin viewing Fellowship

of the Ring)


Introduction: the origins of science fiction

     - mythology as a starting point, moving towards

technology, aliens, space travel, etc.



01/30  LOTR - chapters 4-5 

HW - chapter 6 (109-122) 


Guided Viewing: Science Fiction's beginnings


Discussion: conspiracies and character motivations

01/31  LOTR - chapter 6 

HW - chapters 7 (123-134) 



   - we'll be discussing our guided viewing as well as the growing

role of nature through lord of the rings, a prelude to the intro

of Tom Bombadil. 

02/02  LOTR - chapters 7 

Bombadil and Nature

  - Flaws in storytelling


Viewing: Fellowship of the Ring


HW: chapters 8-10 (135-175)




Week One:


Date  Due Today  Goal For Today 
01/21    NO SCHOOL 

introductions - class expectations

 - primer - the role of fantasy, origins of science fiction


Begin: The Hobbit (chapter 1) 

 - active note-taking


Discussion: Riddles, songs, and elements of story 



the ties between myth and fiction


Reading: parallel myths, pg. 3-11


The Hero's Journey, the monomyth, and Tolkien

-  The Hobbit, chapter 2

- Lord of the Rings, Prologue 


Tolkien - who was he?  How did he create this story?

How does it fit into these ideas, and where does it deviate?

 - power

 - responsibility

 - corruption

 - the archetypes of the races within the lord of the rings


01/24  fables/fairytales 

Reading: Riddles in the Dark - 68-90 

 - What is Gollum? 


HW - chapters 1-2 (LOTR)

 - how to craft a discussion question




plagiarism form 

Viewing - The Hobbit


HW - chapters 3-4

 - this is due Monday, along with 2 discussion questions/chapter 



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