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Film Studies Spring 2013 Schedule

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Week Eight:


Date  Due Today  Goal For Today 
5/27    no school 
5/28 thesis statement: film final 

finish action/adventure


workshop: building a film essay


As time allows: begin horror 

5/29    continue viewing: horror 

finish: horror


On Monday we will be working on our introductions

for our film finals.  You will need:

   - full notes for your choice film

   - your thesis statement grounded in film terms 

5/31    no school 





Week Seven:


Date  Due Today  Goal for Today 
5/20    Finish Sci Fi Viewing: Back to the Future 

Discussion - Back to the Future and science fiction


Begin genre study: Action/Adventure 


Viewing: Action



Continue Viewing: Action



5/24    New Film! - Action 




Week Four:



Due Today 

Goal For Today 


Continue Nosferatu




Finish Nosferatu


Editing Discussion

  - Note: your editing assignment (written) will be due FRIDAY)


Reading: Sound Design pps. 105-109

 - you'll also be doing the activity on pg. 109 - create a grid similar to the one

you see on the page, and then answer each blank with COMPLETE sentences.

I need you to put at least 4 sentences on the page, answering all four questions,

for each blank. 



109 activity 

Sound Design lecture.


Class read: 110-114

 - grp activities: pg. 112, 113


Sound design lecture


Begin viewing: sound design 

5/3    Continue Sound Design Viewing 





Week Three:



Due Today 

Goal For Today 


Finish Viewing: Hugo


Introduction: cinematography discussion 


finish cinematography discussion: Hugo

- When we finish this up, you are required to begin composing your

write-up for cinematography.  This will be DUE ON THURSDAY (4/25) 


Introduction: Editing discussion


HW:  "Editing" - chapter 3

 - pps.  81-103

    - a note: this was initially on the schedule for last thursday/friday,

but has been put off to this point to accommodate last week's late-start


    - DO NOT FORGET TO TAKE NOTES.  There will be a quiz on editing. 

4/24  reading: editing 

grp activity: pps. 86, 88, 99


As time allows: begin viewing 







4/25  cinematography write-up 

Continue viewing: Editing

 - handout: editing assignment

    - this will be a shorter assignment than the previous two, but the

same basic rules will apply.  You will be looking for scenes, and

commenting on the editing style in order to participate in



As needed: finish viewing (editing)


Discussion: editing in cinema


HW: Due Monday: Editing assignment 





Week Two:



Due Today 

Goal For Today 

4/15  syllabus/plagiarism sheets 

finish "The Birds"


Discussion - The Birds


Begin cinematography discussion/activities 


continue cinematography + The Birds 


HW - culminating activity (pg 79 and pg 80)



cinematography activity -

pg 79-80 

cinematography and the birds



Begin Viewing - application of mise en scene

AND cinematography to viewing


cinematography discussion





Finish Viewing - application of cinematography and

mise en scene principles


HW - editing - 81-89



Editing Discussion - the use of dissolves, fades,  

wipes, and matches

 - activity - pg. 90-91



Week One:



Due Today 

Goal For Today 


Introduction - goals for the class, conduct, classroom policies


Introduction - film terminology!!!

 - this class is meant to be a hybrid of classical instruction and active

viewing/discussion.  With that in mind: I ask patience of you guys.  The

next few days will be, on and off, lectures.  I'll be giving you a lot of

terminology and definitions that will be VERY useful for this term.  I ask

that you bear with it, because it makes everything coming much more



Primer - the introduction of film history. 


ch 1 - film analysis (the basics)


a note on note-taking (no pun intended) - when in doubt, i urge you

to write down the terms in bold, along with their definitions.  they will 

be VITAL to our discussions, as well as the viewings we'll be coming 

up to!!!


intro activity - "montage" and the creation of emotion

 - tying in terminology - atmosphere and tone are our friends!



muybridge; the kuleshov effect




reading: ch. 2 (mise en scene - only through pg. 32) 


the use of sound - diagetic vs. nondiagetic


discussion - elements of mise en scene

 - basically, kids, this is a big pretty word that equals some very

straight-forward stuff.  our goal: understand it.


activity: lighting and mood (pps 21-25)


activity: costumes and character (pg. 32)




hw: finish chapter 2 (pps. 33-42)



activity: color, makeup, and costume


activity: facial expressions, posture, voice, and gestures (37-39)


HW: 43-58 (cinematography) 



Introductory viewing: establishing mise en scene

 - your task: as we watch, you MUST choose 3 scenes.  I don't care which

scenes you choose, except that I want a variety, and I want them to be scenes

you react with - you love them, you hate them, you think they REALLY move

the movie forward.  Pick one from early on, pick one from the middle, and

pick a last one from the last bit of the film.

    - as you watch, identify the elements of mise en scene in the scenes.  Take

CLOSE notes, as you'll be sharing these in a discussion format on Monday.  Use

our vocabulary as your baseline, and identify them.  How do these elements

build to a "good" scene, or how do they build to a bad one? 


A note: pay attention to the cinematography, using the reading for today as

your guide - we will be using this as a basis for discussion on Monday!


HW:  59-79 (camera position/camera movement)

   - also, as you read: there is an activity on pg. 70 - on a blank sheet of

paper, construct a grid like what you see there and fill in the blanks to the

best of your ability!  This activity will ask you to identify the TYPES of shots

needed for the scenes described, as well as your reasoning as to WHY that

shot is best.


A note on the reading: this stuff is big!  it's fascinating, but it's big!  take it

slow, take notes as you read, and remember: this is probably the most I'll

ever make you read in a session.




Syllabus forms and plagiarism forms are due on MONDAY.  Each

document is worth 10 points, and you have to give one to me whether

you've given me one for another class or not. 




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