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amontillado cheats

Page history last edited by west0524 6 years, 10 months ago

"I reechoed, I aided." (Pg. 11)


If you're saying he's SANE, you need to analyze the quote SPECIFICALLY and point to why you think this shows he's not nutty.  I recommend thinking like this:


 - he might be psyching himself up.

 - he sees Fortunado's death as necessary justice.

 - he might not like what he's doing, but feels he has to.

 - Poe says Montresor was even louder than Fortunado...perhaps he's doing this to try and drown out the horrific screams of fear that Montresor is hearing?


If you're saying he's INSANE, you need to make sure you're hitting the quote SPECIFICALLY and pointing to why it shows he's completely nuts.  I recommend:


 - if he's so calculating and smart, why is he screaming like a banshee suddenly?

 - what do you think this screaming is doing to Fortunado's sense of fear and terror?  If this is JUSTICE, why is Montresor going so far out of his way to terrify this guy to death?

 - Poe goes on to have Montresor say that he was even louder than Fortunado...maybe this is a point where his mask of sanity falls off? 


No matter what you do, make sure you POINT OUT EXACTLY WHAT HE IS 'REECHOING'!!!!! 

 - hint - Fortunado is screaming in fear, possibly begging for help.  Montresor is SCREAMING BACK AT HIM.  He's either screaming like a madman or he's not. 

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